DIY Long Credenza

Sunday, February 08, 2015

I feel like I have done so many DIY projects lately that I need to upload pictures and share! During the Thanksgiving / Black Friday sales, Trey and I purchased an unnecessarily and ridiculously large 65" flat screen Smart TV. I swear…boys and their toys. At least it was a great deal! I'm not gonna lie, watching Netflix is like a whole new world on this thing so you won't hear me complaining.

Anyways, with a TV this wide, it was SO hard to find a credenza long enough to make the scale look proportionate. We thought about mounting the TV on the wall, but we are renting this place and the last thing we want to do is drill holes in walls. 
We found a set of 3 chest-like pieces on the cheap. Two of them have doors and shelves and the other one is a bookshelf. They were UGLY to begin with but I liked the clean lines and faux bamboo trim on them.  We quickly realized when pushed together they looked seamless and also became 108" long. PERFECT!
After lots and lots of sanding, priming and high gloss paint, I think we got what we were hoping for. The best thing about these being a set of three is I can easily use them as bedside chests when we purchase a house in the future.

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