DIY Marquee Letter

Sunday, October 26, 2014

If you like to go picking or hunting for antiques then you've more than likely ran into some awesome vintage marquee letters. The only catch is, the more vintage and cool they are, the more expensive! I've seen ONE small letter sell for up to $400!

A couple weekends ago at my friend's Jimmy & Caitlyn's wedding rehearsal, they had "J & C" marquee letters and I figured that was a sign (literally) to finally take on these letters as a DIY.
The plan is to make a sign that says "B-A-R" for our outdoor courtyard. For my trial run I started with the letter "B".

Jig-Saw ($29.99 at Home Depot! Works great!)
Sander / Sand Paper
2x4 Piece of Plywood (3/4” width suggested)
3/4" paddle drill bit
1/2" round drill bit
String Lights
Super Glue
Vinyl Vertical Blinds
Hammer & Nails

The first thing you need to do is find a font for your letter. Print the letter as large as you want it to be on paper, cut it out and trace it on to the plywood. Next, use your jig-saw to carefully cut out the letter. First time using the jig-saw! nailed it! After your letter is cut, use the sander to smooth the edges and surface so theres no splintering wood pieces.
Next I removed the big bulbs from the string lights to lay them on the letter and mark where I needed to drill the holes. I drilled the holes for the bulbs, painted the letter blue, and glued the bulbs into each hole. Remember they don't have the string lights in them yet.
For the border around the letter I decided to use Vinyl Vertical Blinds instead of aluminum flashing. The metal most people use for these marquee letters is very sharp and I didn't even want to attempt cutting it. The vinyl blinds were flexible and worked perfectly! Just nail the border into place. After the border was on, I added some detailing to my letter so it didn't look plain.
Next you put the string lights back into each bulb and tape it to the back of the letter so it stays in place.

I'm pretty happy with my first attempt! Next up "A" and "R"!

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