Currently Obsessed: French Rattan Bistro Chair

Friday, June 06, 2014

OMG, I blogged! The blog has certainly been on the back burner over the past 6 months. Between wedding planning, finding Trey and I's first place to live, planning a honeymoon and working a full time job…it just had to. Anyways, I miss it and I just had to share my latest Craigslist find and get ya'lls opinion. 

I am currently obsessed with French Rattan Bistro Chairs. Maybe it's the "Boudreau" in me. I love them for indoors and outdoor dining spaces. They are so effortlessly chic. Such a design classic, from the striped designs, cool patterns and sturdy rattan frames. I can just picture the streets of Paris lined with cafes and bistros with these chairs on the patios.

The thing about these, they can be EXPENSIVE. The chairs are made by Maison Gatti (since 1920) and constructed out of rattan and Rilsan for $695 PER CHAIR! WHAT?
So here's the amazing thing. I found 10 original Maison Gatti designed bistro chairs for $20 each on Craigslist. What do you think? Buy or buy?

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  1. Love this look! Your blog is awesome girl, keep posting!

  2. Amazing collection you got there. I love the French furniture style and the modern rattan pieces are no exception. My favorite among the bunch would have to be the last one. It looks so comfortable and chic and it can no doubt be a standalone. Thank you so much for sharing! Stay beautiful, Kelly!

    Bob Ward @ Allure


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