Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If you read interior design magazines, then you've seen the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. My roommate and I have relatively kept it on the safe side when it comes to live plants in the house. We love having fresh flowers when we can, and also have a few small potted succulents near the window, but nothing the size of a tree. Our little bungalow doesn't have many corners to spare but i'm dying to buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. 

This potted plant brings so much life to a room and really makes a sculptural statement. The big floppy leaves of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree make any interior photograph look amazing bring an organic feel to any room.

Care instructions:

Water moderately

Minimum temperature 59º F (15°C).

Place in a light area, out of direct sunlight.

images via here + here + here
Ikea has had them in the past but it's hit or miss because they aren't available online. I'm going to check Home Depot today too! I will keep you posted on if we get any new additions because as some of you know, we name our plants here.

xx, Kelly

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