Nena & Co.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My latest and greatest obsession: Nena & Co. I need one of these beautiful Nena & Co. bags STAT. My only problem is I can't pick which one I like the best! They are all so pretty and unique, how's a girl to choose?
Nena & Co. was created by Alejandra Hynek in 2013 to bring some of her culture to your colorful lifestyle. Nena can be loosely translated in English to mean "baby girl" or "darling" and is a term her mother affectionately calls her. The bags she makes are inspired by her family's Guatemalan culture and the colorful patterns Alejandra was raised around. Nena & Co. bags are uniquely handcrafted and capture the magic and depth of the Maya people.
I mean...look at that detail! "Beautifully hand loomed patterns and each one-of-a-kind, our bags are perfect for everyday or even better...for your last minute trip to anywhere." 
When you purchase a Nena & Co. bag you're helping create jobs and also provide freedom from poverty for the beautiful, hardworking women of the Maya highlands. LOVE THAT! I'll let you know which "day bag" I end up picking :)

xx, Kelly

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  1. AH this is the perfect size bag and the most amazing patterns! might finally be time to retire my roxy carry-on..


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