Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wheels up to Atlanta tomorrow for Labor Day Weekend and I can't wait for some R & R, and of course a little shopping with Mom too. I wanted to tell you all about one of my new favorite stores that I stumbled upon the last time I was in Georgia called Nadeau. I went to the Nadeau in Buckhead and Marietta and was awed at the good prices. We picked out a huge distressed oak coffee table for the Georgia house at this place. However, when we bought it, it was a dining table lol then we sawed the legs down to make it coffee table level! The distressed wood was stunning so we couldn't pass it up!

Founded in 1991 by Tom and Ryoko Nadeau, the company's original mission was to not only sell exceptional home furnishings but to provide matchless value with deep product knowledge and personalized customer service at low, wholesale prices. You can literally find the most amazing hand-crafted, solid wood pieces for unbelievable prices. Also, many times you'll see a piece that looks identical to the one you've been eyeing at a retail store, but at Nadeau, its a quarter of the price. Here's some examples of what you can find and why I love this hidden gem:
This Farmhouse Table is...ready for it? $289!!!! At a retail store like Restoration Hardware this bad boy would be well over $2,000. I mean, look at those deconstructed
These oversized teak chairs have clean modern lines and would look amazing on any patio. Just need a cushion! And the price? $209.
How about some identical Tolix Cafe Chair look-a-likes? $97. Are you drooling yet?

Make sure you visit the Nadeau Website and Nadeau Facebook to see the variety of items they have and some price comparisons to retail stores. The best part? Every store has a completely different selection. Let me know what you think!

xx, Kelly

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