Affordable Acrylic

Friday, July 19, 2013

Acrylic...that word makes me think of long, fake fingernails. However, as we all have seen, lucite and acrylic are definitely making a comeback in modern home furniture and decor. I think, if done correctly, these plastic materials can be a classy addition to any space. If the room is lit properly, the clear plastic acrylic adds a sparkle and visual piercing to a space. Marc Thee says visual piercings lead the eye to the next room or whatever's beyond, which makes a space feel larger and more inviting. 
Lucite, like most mid-century furniture, is extremely popular right now and also extremely expensive. I'm talking like, $3,625 for a coffee table. <- SO CUTE, but OUCH. If you can't find any large lucite or acrylic statement pieces, I thought I'd note some cute and affordable acrylic accessories for around the house.


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  1. I love these acrylic pieces!! Totally digging the trays. (AND the blog makeover.. so pretty!)


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