Fashion Inspiration from Kerry Washington

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope on the TV show "Scandal." The creator and executive producers of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice created this TV series. Olivia Pope is the fierce and feisty "fixer" on the ABC hit show. I only watched half of the first season but I wish I kept up with it because I love everything her character wears!  Do you ever gather inspiration and dress like a TV show character or actress in a movie? 

Lyn Paolo, the costume designer of Scandal, works very closely with Kerry Washington as a team to develop Olivia's aesthetic. When Kerry and Lyn met for the first time they both had pictures ripped out of magazines and from online and had about 90% of the exact same images. They work very closely in every fitting together as a team.

Not only does Kerry dress well in this show but also her everyday outfits and red carpet appearances are perfection.
images via here & pinterest
What do you think of Kerry Washington's style?

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  1. she has killer style! she truly can pull anything off- pretty impressive!


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