Target Picks for Home

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ever since I started following @targetdoesitagain on Instagram, i've become slightly obsessed with all that Target has to offer - I even started buying things from the little boys section [skull sweater]. @targetdoesitagain is typically fashion based but sometimes they feature a few home items as well. I wanted to share with you my favorite Target picks for home.
Light Brown Block Side TableOrganic Blanket | Grey Accent Table

What's your favorite Target for home item? Some of these options are really great 'look-alikes' to high-end furniture stores!

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  1. I love that grey accent table! I've been looking for something to put by our front door so that we can lay our keys on it rather than on the dining room table. This might do the job!

  2. I love that tripod lamp! I was in Target yesterday and purchased 2 black greek key pillows that I had been eyeing.

  3. i have a bad habit of picking home pieces alomst every time i walk into target. i love great design at a great price!

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