Groin Vaults

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

So I think i've made it pretty clear - I love my new job. I am surrounded by amazing talent and am learning so much already. My first new term i've become familiar with is 'groin vaults.' Maybe i'll write a blog post with my favorite new interior design term of the week? I love when your job not only allows you to work hard and be good at what you do, but also continues to teach you new things...and this week, it's groin vaults.
images via here
Groin vaults are located in the ceiling and are created by the intersection at right angles of two barrel vaults. They are really complex to build and require multiple building materials, a skilled architect and builder...which really says a lot about the people who were building groin vaults back in the early 3rd century AD.
Ok enough history lessons for one day, let's get on to the pretty pictures.
 image via Marc-Michaels Interior Design (simply, the best!)
images via Pinterest
Groin vaults can add dimension to a hallways and totally set off an otherwise dull part of the house. Because the curving of the arch draw the eye upwards to the center, it creates a sense of height and openness. Since groin vaults draw your eyes up to the ceiling, they are usually accented with a killer light or chandelier.
Do any of you have groin vaults in your home?

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  1. i always wondered how these beautiful archways were constructed!! thanks for the tutorial kel, glad you're loving the new job!

  2. How beautiful!


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