Emerging Artists

Sunday, November 04, 2012

These artists' bold and bright style is perfect for awakening walls in any room. 
Check out these amazing, emerging new artists.
Jen Garrido is an emerging artist from California. She was born in Los Angeles, she got her a BFA in painting from Sonoma State University and a MFA from Mills College in Oakland. You can see paintings by Jen Garrido in the Artist Gallery at the San Francisco MoMA.
Jennifer Latimer is an emerging artist from Charleston, South Carolina. Her background is in graphic design and marketing. Jennifer Latimer draws on her love of interior design, fashion, flowering gardens, and exotic travel in her paintings.
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  1. i love the look of abstract art, its truly timeless! what great finds :)Also, read that article by my cup of te- totally crazy. definitely happens in the industry, so alarming!


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