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Friday, October 05, 2012

I recently got an email from a reader (Hi Kori!) who has some storage and organization questions. Today we are going to be thinking outside the box, or in this case, outside the dresser.
Kori recently sold all of her bedroom furniture because she is moving out of state in 9 months and she didn't wanna lug it around (understandable). But 9 months is a long time to have all of her stuff in big plastic tubs and plastic bins in her room. She is looking for a cuter way to store her clothes without buying furniture before the big move.
Kori is right, storing clothes in plastic bins for 9 months is unattractive, and not to mention, will quickly wrinkle all of your clothes. One of the latest storage trends is keeping your clothes out in the open. I mean after all, you bought them because you think they are pretty, right? I would buy an Ikea RIGGA Clothes Rack ($14.99) and set up your room boutique-style. And if you don't like Ikea's plain silver rack, there's nothing a can of spray paint can't fix! Let's take a look.
images via Apartment Therapy & Pinterest

Your clothes won't get wrinkled, and you'll find that picking an outfit for the day will feel like going shopping in your own bedroom. If you don't want to purchase one, try this DIY Garment Rack for Children (if you are on the short side), or this DIY Garment Rack for Adults.
Her next dilemma is that her bed sits very low to the ground (2 ft. off the ground or less) and she's having a hard time finding bedside tables / night stands that are low enough.
Say goodbye to bedside tables and hello to bedside shelves. They can be placed at any height so they are perfect for low or high beds.
I hope these ideas helped, Kori! Keep me posted on what you decide to do! 
Does anyone else have any solutions for Kori? Leave a comment below!

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  1. I really like the bedside shelves idea! Plus, I think it keeps the area from looking bulky or cluttered, like what can happen with a side table

  2. you are a decorating smarty pants. i am in lvoe with the look of clothign racks!

  3. the lack tables at ikea are pretty low. and sometimes a stack of books will do the trick until the right one is discovered.

    love the blog and hope you will follow me back!




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