My DIY Bar Cart

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

One day, there was a warehouse sale, that I frantically sent my poor mother out to one morning at 7am while I was at work. And there sat the most perfectly sad bar cart. My mom picture texted me, "Should I buy it?" and I was already texting back "YES!!!" before her message even reached my phone.
I've been looking for a bar cart to redo for months and months and this ugly, cob webbed, rusty bar cart  was love at first sight (picture text). Not to mention only $25.
I rushed home after work to see what I was workin' with - it wasn't a whole lot as you can see:
It needed major TLC so the first thing I did was carefully remove the mirror bottom insert and the glass top insert and clean them. Then I sanded the bar cart frame by hand with medium-grade sand paper. I cleaned all the dust and sanding leftovers off before getting out the one, the only Krylon 1000 Premium Metallic Spray Paint, Gold. It took three coats, with plenty of drying time in between. A few days later I did a protective clear poly coat on top.
With two best friends living through their first "big girl jobs," it's safe to say our little bar cart gets a lot of use.
And of course, what better guide to use than Matchbook Magazine's Bar Cart Essentials for all your do-dads, must-haves and decorations:
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Bottoms Up!

P.S. After making friends with the man who runs the vintage furniture warehouse, I happen to have the "hook up" on old beat-up bar carts. I am going to repurpose and sell a few - so drop me a line if you are interested in purchasing one! xo

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  1. AHHH it turned out so pretty kel! we have a makeshift bar "cart" at our place, but yours is exactly what i'd imagine! I wish it wouldn't cost a mil to ship-- i'd love a KB original :)

  2. super cute! and what a steal! love the gold!! xo

  3. Looks awesome!!! I loooooove gold spray paint, have used it in a ton of home dec DIYs lately. Collection here!


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