Elephant in the Room

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Elephant in the room" I love this English metaphorical idiom. As I’m sure you know, the elephant in the room describes an obvious truth that is ignored or avoided. The saying is based on the thought that if there truly was an elephant in a room, it would be impossible to miss, thus, people who are in the room and pretend they don’t notice the elephant are purposely not dealing with some big underlying issue.

Well as of yesterday I officially have an "elephant in the room"...a real one. I think that's funny - AND I plan to make a lot of jokes about it.

"Picking" is quickly becoming my favorite hobby and favorite part of interior design / decorating. Whether it's looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for a client or just magically stumbling upon something you love for your own home; it's thrilling.

I have a lot of local secret picking spots and I was in love the moment I saw this adorable, yet elegant white elephant garden seat hiding under the rubble. He was filthy, had no price, was covered in cactus, and I had to have him.
After a little haggling and deal making, all's well that ends well - I got my elephant.
As you can see he has a little rust on his side so when I got him home I cleaned him up. 
I used regular house cleaning products like 409, Lime & Calcium Remover, and Tilex with bleach. I cleaned all of his grooves with a toothbrush.

Elephant garden seats or garden stools are popping up for sale everywhere these days like One Kings Lane, Neiman Marcus and just about every home decor magazine this past summer.
images via Pinterest
Now that I have an elephant side table I need to decide the perfect place to put him. On the patio? Next to my chair in my bedroom? Next to the living room sofa? Right now he's just the white elephant in the room until we decide :)
Where do you all think he should go?
P.S. you will find stuff like elephant garden seats and more at One Kings Lane...Hello Boudreau readers: Sign up today for a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more.

The yard where I picked this elephant garden stool is constantly receiving more. If you would like me to be on the look out for one for you, please send me an email at hello.kellyboudreau (at) gmail.com

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  1. do you remember the one we used to have at our vacation home in venice?! i think it's still in allie's room back in tarpon. i wish it wasn't so heavy-- i'd have my mom ship it up to me!


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