Dorothy Draper Espana Chest

Friday, July 20, 2012

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been ridiculously excited about my latest piece of furniture for my room at my new place. I saw it listed online at a local warehouse sale for $35! I about died when I saw the price and emailed the owner 5:30  am. I got a response about 2 hours later and he said the price was real, not a typo.

I have been obsessing over the Dorothy Draper Espana Chests for...a really long time and can't believe I stumbled onto one for $35. These Dorothy Draper dressers and chests can retail online for up to thousands. There is even a Dorothy Draper Espana Chest on ebay right now for $3,200.
Some people have even used a plain-jane Ikea dresser and revamped it to become a Dorothy Draper DIY Chest
Here's my warehouse beauty:

Mine is slightly different than the ones you see on Pinterest due to the pretty scrolling down the middle, which I love, no complaints here! I have been trying to hunt down the matching one for the other side of my bed for DAYS. The warehouse guy sold it the day before I bought mine. Doesn't he know never to break up a pair? First rule of furniture!

Dorothy Draper Espana Eye Candy:
Now I'm just trying to get some ideas and inspiration on what to put on the other side of my bed to make it proportionate...any ideas? A shelf maybe?
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  1. There is a chest like you're on craigslist - Miami now.

    1. Really? That's awesome! Could you send me the link? :)

  2. Good buy, well done. I am enjoying your site a lot.


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