My Father's Day Gift

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

There's 12 days until Father's Day and I thought long and hard about doing a Father's Day Gift Guide for this post but decided against it.
I went with what I thought my Dad would really enjoy this year - A Father's Day Mixtape.
A little trip down memory lane. 
I was never a girl's girl while growing up... 
Don't worry, I write and spell much better now.
My dad has always been my best friend and if he was fishing, so was I. If he was under the sink fixing it, so was I. If he was washing the car, so was I. If he was pulling weeds, so was I.
My Dad's favorite types of music are country and rock-n'-roll [especially turned up loud on long car rides] so naturally I compiled the best Dad to Child / Child to Dad songs I could think of! 
Take a look at this long Father's Day Mixtape list [it took me a while!] and get your download on for a homemade gift that's sure to impress any music loving Dad:
Have you seen the trailer for Gangster Squad yet? This is definitely one to take Dad to see when it comes out on September 7th. It looks AMAZING! The cast? Perfection! Let's see we have...Sean Penn, Josh Pence, RYAN GOSLING, Emma Stone, Robert Patrick, Giovanni Ribisi, Jack McGee...

What are you getting your Dad for Father's Day? Any traditions?

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  1. So cute...

  2. i love this beautiful post! :) and that so sounds like sassy lil kelly ;) haha i love it :D my dad would love a playlist.... or a new pair of converses! i might borrow your idea!

  3. KEL I LOVE THIS!! so thoughtful and your letter is hilarious! -Maria V


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