Mothers Day Gift Guide

Thursday, May 03, 2012

-Breaking up with Facebook (what a good read!)
-What does BCBG stand for?
-OPI Natural Nail Strengthener -builds in layers of protection on natural nails.
-A mixtape/love letter for our favorite character from Freaks and Geeks.
-Mr. Kate's DIY colorful thrift store lamps.
-Free stencil patterns for DIY projects.
-Supergoop SPF 30 Sunscreen Wipes icon. Perfect for on-the-go!
-How do you really pronounce ASOS?
-The actress and star of "The Lucky One" shares her beauty regiment

I have so much going on in May! I can't wait!
2 Days: Cinco de Mayo; My 23rd birthday
4 Days: Going to watch many friends graduate college
9 Days: A dear friend's wedding
10 Days: Mother's Day
17 Days: 5k Marathon
23 Days: Memorial Day Weekend; The Beach!

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