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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi Everyone!  I'm Lindsey, owner of Lindsey Anne Interior Styling and blogger over at Pinklet and C, an interior design blog where I share my inspirations, projects that I'm working on and products I love.
I’m so excited to be guest posting on Kelly’s blog today – it’s one of my morning must reads!

A lot of my interior styling clients are 20-somethings decorating their own space for the very first time.  This normally equals a limited budget and a confusion of what their personal style is.  I’ve found that a lot of them will show me a room in a magazine or something they saw online (hello pinterest!) and say “I want that!”.  This is a great way to start a foundation for nervous design beginners and my favorite part is to show them how they can get the look for less and then add in their own personal touches!

I have loved this room ever since I saw it in Lonny Magazine’s July/August 2011 Edition and am using it for inspiration in my own space.  Here’s how to get the look!

rug / armless sofa / drapes / mirror / lamp

With this as a base, you can then add in all your personal accents to really make the room your own!

Thanks again to Kelly for asking me to guest post! 
I would love if you stopped over at Pinklet and C and said hi!

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  1. Yay ! Loved the post Lindsey :) gorgeous room! I love the gray couch as the neutral!


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