Talent Envy: Louise Roe

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let's talk for a minute about my obsession with Louise Roe. She's an English television presenter, model, and fashion journalist. You may recognize her from hosting BBC's The Clothes ShowE!’s Fashion PoliceE!'s Perfect Catch, and the CW TV show Plain Jane. She first got asked to be on TV when she was interning for Elle Magazine in 2007, that was her big break. She currently is Glamour Magazine's Fashion Editor at Large. Aside from all that TV nonsense, i'm obsessed with everything she wears. I would trust her to dress me for the rest of my life...but really.
Enjoy the style cuteness:
images via Zimbio, People Style Watch, & Pinterest
Who are you looking to for style ideas lately?
 -Make a DIY Terrarium
-Afforable "X Benches" (I currently have one in my room!)
-Does your Resume look as AMAZING as these?
-Color Dipping Table Legs DIY
-April 2012 Zara Lookbook
-Spring 2012 Playlist; Music to Our Ears
-Wedding Paper Divas

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