Turkish Towels

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Spring is just around the corner! The first official day of spring is March 20th and I'm so ready. We never really had much of a winter here in Florida so we might as well forget about it and bring on the sunshine. My latest weird obsession came just in time for spring. I can't get enough of these Turkish Towels!
Turkish Towels are so versatile! They come in every color imaginable and of course, stripes! Turkish Towels have a light weight weave of cotton and linen that makes them soft and thin. They've been weaved a special way for luxury that has been used for over 1,000 years!
These towels are a very important part of Turkish social life. They were originally meant for ceremonial bath for a bride before her wedding day. They continue to be used for other important occasions because they are considered the ultimate luxury towel.
Reasons why I'm sold:
-Can be used as a wrap-around that's way more comfortable than a thick massive towel
-Perfect size for traveling (spring trip, hello)
-Use it as a sofa throw! They come in all sizes and are still really soft!
-One word: stripes
-Quick drying time & great for the beach (no more stuck sand in your towel)
-Thin material gives you more closet space in your bathroom
-They are just...really pretty (the year of color!)

Images & lovely Turkish Towels available via Bath Style Etsy shop!

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  1. Oooo I've been admiring some in the West Elm catalogue - now I need to try for sure!!


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