Sketchbook Sunday

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not many people know this, but I really like to draw.
It's kind of therapeutic to me.

In college, my roommate gave me the most amazing sketchbook for my birthday. It's a canvas cover sketchbook and you can draw on the outside. I keep all of my sketches inside, I love it.
I've got the creative itch. Maybe I'll draw tomorrow.
Do you ever get the artistic itch or is it just us left-handers?
-DIY framed fabric art
-Colorful bridesmaids dresses
-Beautiful white rooms
-Sunset trio bracelets by Garnett Jewelry
-The perfect dress
-I'm diggin' the exposed brick wall look
-Got new shoes!
-Elegant Vessels Ranch Wedding
-I love this print from Chief & Crown
-DIY drawer pulls jewelry holder

Now back to my giant Sunday morning coffee,
& this dreamy playlist

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  1. I get like that too! Did you draw that!?! Soo beautiful i love it!! Xo

  2. KB I love it that sketch is beautiful! I found my 18th birthday card from you... Will keep it forever lovebucket -MV

  3. kelly you are soo talented and creative. keep those creative juices flowing! PS i loved my bday gift; perfect for a movie watching night!


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