Print Mixing

Monday, March 05, 2012

The spring trend of print mixing seems so hard to pull off...but then I see it in pictures and it looks SO GOOD.
I think I need to just man up and give it a try.
Gingham and polka dots? Floral and animal print? Chevron and stripes?

My favorite is floral and leopard. Can't get enough of these images:
images via pinterest
What's your favorite 2 prints to mix?
-A beautiful California forest wedding
-Before & Afters, with the help of some painter's tape
-10 ways happy people choose happiness
-SO stinkin' cute
-Born to run (interesting NIKE article!)
-50 fonts, I might download them all
-Spring is almost here! Get a beautiful bikini
-DIY Leopard Printing!

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  1. you could totally pull this off kel! i LOVE the print mixing, our print/pattern director always comments on how i have a dif. one on every day :)


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