Minimalist Bedroom

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I really like this bedroom spotlighted in the March/April 2012 issue of Lonny Magazine
It's a simple but chic room where less is more. I believe you can furnish a room just as luxuriously by taking furniture out, not putting it in. 
Picking the right few pieces for a room to meet the bare minimum is equally as hard as filling it with stuff. Lately it seems like many home magazines have been decorating rooms to the nines. Art on every open space of the wall, bookshelves covered with so many eclectic items you can't see it anymore, tables with trays filled with trinkets, etc. 
It was really refreshing to come across a page and see a picture that exemplifies simplicity in its truest form. You can see the rest of the Los Angeles house that this bedroom is in, here.
Well done interior designer, Hillary Thomas.
images via Lonny Mag March/April 2012
 [2.]Kenroy Home Mimic Table Lamp, Gloss White
 [3.]The Layla Queen Headboard by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams 
[4.]Porcelain Elephant Jewelry Bowl
[5.]Pottery Barn Park Mirrored Bedside Table
[6.]Coco Cozy Burnt Orange GATE Throw 
-Doorknob choices
-I decided, I need a golden pig
-Hair braid from the Madewell spring catalog
-Vintage industrial lighting
-Somebody That I Used to Know -Ingrid Michaelson (Gotye cover)
-The scents of summer
-5 way to use a mason jar
-Is this not the most beautiful outdoor party?


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  1. Gorgeous room! I love the headboard you chose and I've been eyeing that throw from COCOCOZY for quite some time! Do you have those sheets? I'm in the market for new ones and those look beautiful!

  2. I wish I could do a minimalist look for my room, I just have too much stuff ;) it does look like quite a relaxing oasis though!


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