Horsin' Around

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday!! After the long work-day I'm headed to Venice for the weekend! My younger sister has a horse show all weekend long in Venice and I love watching her ride! She's such a strong competitor and her horse is a beauty! She's movin' on up, and so are the jump heights!
"What the HECK was that NOISE?"
Sometimes he mistakes my golden locks for hay...
^Hey Dad...
Don't they make a nice pair?
My sister gave him a superb bubble bath to get his coat nice and shiny for the show.

The horse show grounds are 5 minutes from Venice Beach; I'm looking forward to catching a little sun at some point over the weekend. Venice Beach is a beautiful city on the Gulf of Mexico. Venice is famously known as Shark Tooth Capital of the World, they even have an annual festival called "The Shark's Tooth Festival" to celebrate the abundance of shark's teeth that they find on their coast. SO I DOUBT i'll be doing any swimming. 
I'm really looking forward to a get-a-way, even if it's only a couple hours from home! 
Are you going anywhere exiting this weekend?
Here's the mix-tape I'll be listening to when I hit the road:

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  1. I miss Venice so much! I so wish we still had our beach house :( My mom's been telling me all about grace's horse riding! so proud of our little Grace Ann :)


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