Wonderful Watercolor

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looking for art can be tricky. I USED to "look" for art at every store I stepped foot in. But then I quickly learned you can't look for it, art has to come to you. Now I won't buy a piece unless I see something I can't live without. 
That being said I'm almost 23 and I only have 2 larger pieces of art. One of them is an amazing Johnny Cash portrait in charcoal that looks so real he could talk. I had this piece made personally for me so it's one of a kind :)
Watercolor art has been drawing my eye lately...this being the "Year of Color" and all...
The Prep & The Blue Zebra (2 separate pieces) by: Jessica Durrant

It's something about the magical way the colors bleed together, swirl, twist and turn that's beautiful.
Here are some watercolor pieces that made me stop clicking next:

What do you think about watercolor paintings? 
Do you like the abstract look or object/people paintings?

-The most beautiful makeup for a woman
Gorjana wing friendship necklaces [the perfect gift for a friend!]
-Things we forget #820
-Dragon candy hand drawn with caramel [amazing skills] <---video
-Really cool vintage barware
-Who new a leafing pen could work such wonders!

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