Talent Envy: Zanna Roberts Rassi

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zanna Roberts Rassi is currently the Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire magazine. She is an award winning journalist, fashion/beauty stylist and TV host. She was born in England and worked at the British Marie Claire as a editor for 6 years. Zanna finally decided to make her big move across the pond after landing her senior editor job at Marie Claire in the United States. Zanna lives in New York City with her husband.
Her role at work includes styling the celebrity covers for the magazine and writing fashion stories. Zanna is also responsible for Marie Claire charity portfolios. She edits the clothes from the runway and brings them to life on the pages of Marie Claire. She also has a weekly segment on The Rachel Ray show called 'Zanna's Style School'. Also, she regularly contributes to The View, The Today Show and Entertainment Tonight's 'The Insider'. So keep an eye out!
There is something about her that I just love. In all of her TV shows and guest appearances she just seems so down to earth and chill about fashion. Certainly some of the big wigs in the industry appear intimidating and cold, but not Zanna. She gives off a warm, approachable and friendly vibe and that's probably why I'm such a huge fan. 
Well... that and because i'm obsessed with her style. She's got the tomboy chic look going on, and as we all know, I could use a few more tomboy chic fashion icons to back up my cause.
--Here is Zanna guest speaking on "The View" helping them with a special on how to cleanse your closet. She's genius.
--This video clip is an interview with more background information and Zanna tells us the daily duties of her career.

-I am loving this! Video of Diane von Furstenberg's line for GapKids and babyGap, launching March 15

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