DIY Paper Art Letters

Thursday, February 09, 2012

While thrifting a few months ago in a huge warehouse I found these poor abandoned giant letters just waiting to be loved. They were $2.00 a piece & of course I bought them. They didn't spell anything that made sense but my close friends name's start with these letters! I figured I'd think of someway to use them and now I have: Valentine's gifts for friends.
First I washed them off and spray painted them a new coat of shiny gold. Then I decided to finally get some use out of all of my old scrapbooking paper card stock thats been sitting in the garage. I really like the scalloped design for spring so I tediously cut circles and half circles and began scalloping the giant A for my friend Amy!
I think this will be a fun & funky piece to hang on the wall or set on top of a shelf! If you get tired of the colors or scalloped design you can always start fresh with a giant wooden letter again underneath it all. I Mod Podge'd over the top for a shiny finished and....VIOLA!
Pretty cute right?
Next up: The letter L. 
For the "L" I finally found my circle punch and the little circles inspired me to make it polka dot themed in Valentine's Day colors. 
This letter is for my friend Lauren [La Petite Fashionista]! I have to mail it out of state so I hope she gets it in time.
So there you have it. & I guess my two friends will find out early what 
they are getting for Valentine's Day. 
Have you thought of any ideas for things to do with big wooden letters? 
I'd love to hear!

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  1. OMG i'm obsessed! i'm in the middle of re-decorating my living room and this is going to be perfect. you're the best <3

  2. Love it!! I need this for the house! Great idea! Xo


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