DIY Key Caps

Sunday, February 26, 2012

When you have 4 gold keys, guessing which one is the house key can get annoying. Thanks to this cute post by Happiness Is, I fixed my key problem with a quick and easy DIY.  
This project literally took me 5 minutes [plus drying time].
 All you need is a nail polish and a clear top coat. I used gold glitter but any color works great! 
FYI: L.A. Colors nail polish has some really fun bright colors that look just as good as O.P.I. & they sell them at The Dollar Tree.
And's only nail polish so if you get sick of the color just use nail polish remover and start over!
Cheap. Easy. Fun. Functional. DIY.
-Wayfare is a brand new magazine celebrating the art of the journey. Can't wait to read it
-29 ways to stay creative
-Last night I watched this new show "Saw Dogs" and I'm mesmerized by the artistic talent of these burly mountain men!! Going to watch all new episodes
-Clever necklace clasps
-THIS wedding photo...swoon.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. i love this diy! i think all things in life deserve a little sparkle!


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