Neon & Neutral

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I can't get enough neon and neutral these days. I know this trend was "so last summer," but I still find myself reaching for neon things despite the winter chill.
I love wearing neutral as it is and a pop of neon can make any outfit or accessory fun. 
It's even a fun combo for house decor too! I think this all started when I bought the neon yellow sweater from The Gap.
Here's some of my latest neon & neutral obsessions:
[1.]Ego and Greed Svan Lake Wedge [2.]ASOS Angular Wooden Bangle with Neon (SALE!) [3.]Marc Jacobs Erika snakeskin-embossed leather bag (SALE!) [4.]Monki Clarissa Dress [5.]Thonet Chair Hot-Pink [6.] American Apparel Neon Nail Polish
These hand woven Ikat pillows are perfect for the couch or office chair! Neon and Sand colors are my favorite.
My little baby elephants are moving up in the world! They got featured this morning on The DIY Showoff!
Click here to see the feature
The DIY Showoff is a fabulous site that's full of every DIY project you could ever imagine! So many thanks to Roeshel for the exciting news & feature!

How do you feel about this neon and neutral trend? Over it, or still lovin it?

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  1. I'm still loving the neon & neutrals, and I think I always will. I especially love that Monki Clarissa dress and American Apparel Neon nail polish. So cute! I love your posts, because every time I see the pictures of products, I say, "I want that, that, that...oh! And I NEED that!" Thanks for posting such wonderful things that I love! Keep on keeping on.

  2. Awe, Kelly - thank YOU for sharing your creativity! :)

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, really helped me out! I love neon, I'm glad it's going to be sticking around next S/S. It's no longer got that 80's label stuck to it, it's now really modern. I really want neon nails! xx


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