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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everyone needs a little emotional pick-me-up every once in a while. Sometimes I write little inspirational quotes down in my "Stickies" App on my computer or sometimes I'll purposely buy something that will endure as a long term reminder for something good every time I see it.
I like to call these, purchases with purpose.
I. Dogeared loves to spread positive energy into the world with their personal gifts. This Karma bracelet is their best seller. This bracelet believes what goes around, comes around...wear your bracelet as a reminder to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving. 

II. This Juliska tray is one out of a series of cornerstone tray's. This one is the courage dish. The lion stands as a reminder to be courageous every day. The tray was made with the purpose to uplift the mind as well as the eye. Each dish in the collection celebrates "the cornerstone values of life well lived."

III. This map is a scratch off map. Scratch off where you've traveled to. Hang it in your home to remind you of all the wonderful places you've been, but also let it remind you of all the places you have yet to go.

IV. Philosophy's Be Somebody shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath comes with this philosophy written on the bottle: "If you want to be somebody, look within. You are a vibrant being full of promise. You are transformed through acts of purity and grace for the sake of others. Stay rooted in your connection to all things. Float above opposition with positive energy. Feel your soul blossom with goodness and compassion. What you give eventually comes back to you. You can never be too good. Let your beauty unfold. You are somebody." Isn't that a nice pick-me-up every time you shower?

-A dash of black won't kill ya-The perfect January Wish List
-The Winged Cat-eye Eyeliner
-I really need to keep this in mind
-Is it cold where you are? Try this Butternut Squash Bisque by my friend Brynn! Looks warm and yummy.
-Some pretty looking closets
-I'm loving this color inspiration. Good combos.


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  1. Great picks, Love the dogeared jewelry!! That bracelet is cute! Have you seen the necklace I like that one also. Xo

  2. i love the idea of buying things with purpose behind them. i so want a map that i can someday have completely scratched off ;)


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