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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Along with my emotional & psychological new years resolutions, I also am going to try some new physical ones too! Nothing crazy, I don't believe in diets anymore. However, nutritionist Haylie Pomroy and others have raved about this simple beverage addition to your everyday routine. It's in no way harmful to try, no chemicals, nothing from a bottle, so it's worth a try.

Genetically, my family is really sodium sensitive. Eating something as simple as salsa or soup with too much sodium will make our faces & fingers so puffy in the morning you would think the Boudreau's all got their wisdom teeth removed [seriously, it sucks]. It's temporary of course and goes away halfway into the day but still, it's annoying.
Starting today with healthy habit #1 I'm going to periodically blog about new health tricks i'm trying and I'll let you know how they work out. Call me your personal guinea pig...If you want.
I made the directions in this little chart in JPG format in case you want to print it, pin it, or try it yourself!
Pomroy & everyone else who has tried this claims zero puffiness in the morning! Why not? I'm not giving up anything, i'm not depriving myself. I started today!

Have you tried any safe, natural health remedies lately?
Did they work?


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  1. i love this! kyle and I attempted to some crazy diet and lasted about 2 days haha. i told him i'd muchhh rather just cook healthier, eat out less, exercise more and actually be able to maintain it :)

  2. interesting recipe! i am definitely trying this! i drink hot water with lemon juice every morning which is good too. love crazy new years detox plans :)


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