Enjoy the Little Things

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sitting here at my laptop I mulled over the past content of my blog.
Sure, there are a lot of nice items we would all love to get our hands on... but most of these items cost top dollar. We either have to save for these nice things or just drool over them.
For me this past month it has been the little things that are the "nice items." I felt it necessary to write today & remind myself how much the little things in life matter. 
Lately i've been enjoying:
-Fresh cut flowers on the table
-A hot cup of decaf green tea before bed
-A hot cup of jo in the morning
-Long walks with my friend Amy, almost daily!
-My dog Mason, who every time he see's me acts like its been years.
-Receiving hand written 'just because' notes in the mail [not email, the real mail]
images found via
flowers | Rifle Paper Co. Stationary Paper | decaf green tea | West Elm Mugs

So you see nice things can be expensive...but really nice things can be pretty affordable, too.
-"Ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party" Watch this video clip to get rid of the Monday blues
-It's not a bar cart, it's an entire bar table
-Get ready for Super Bowl Sunday (dips on dips on dips)
-This may be it...the perfect bag.
-Things we forget #799

I hope everyone's Monday went well!
What are some of your favorite *little things?

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  1. Love it! Your doggy is adorable! So many favorite little things can't think of just five taking walks and enjoying the moment, the precious moments with fam and friends, making someone laugh. Taking my pups for walks and them getting soo happy :0) xo


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