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Monday, January 09, 2012

I've been so busy lately! Finishing my move to Tampa is taking longer than I thought. I'm really excited to get working and get settled into a new place! I'm beginning my search for a new place to live next month and staying with my parents in the mean time. I'm expecting it to be a long process because I want to make sure its perfect! Size, location, price, etc. I'll keep you posted on the hunt.
In the mean time I can't help but day dream about decorating it. 
All I know is I want unique pieces of furniture, not store bought pieces that are a dime a dozen. 
I found a few unique pieces that I think are pretty cool...
This is an architect's blueprint cabinet that's being used as a coffee table! I absolutely love this idea and I did a little research and you can find used architects tables online at Craigslist & Ebay for about $200! The one pictured above is online for $2,200!
I also really like this idea of using a vintage library card catalog as an entryway table or sofa table. So many drawers for little trinkets. Can you believe they used to log people's book rentals A-Z by hand instead of using a computer? Sounds so foreign to our generation.
Craigslist had one for $485 but I bet if you went to some older libraries they might have them locked up in a room somewhere.
Maybe I've been watching too much Picker Sisters or American Pickers...or...maybe i'm onto something. 
Are these unusual pieces cool or are they cool? They're cool.
-Your cheapest accessory: A few updos <---Video
-Today's mantra
-T-Strap Flats...hmm too juvenile looking for my liking
-New bedding= all white
-The unspillable wine glass, it's like a sippy cup for adults


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  1. I saw a pin the other day with a library card catalog being used to hold different treats in different drawers for a wedding and i thought it was so creative. you're going to have the most beautiful little bachelorette pad!

  2. Love the furniture inspiration! My sister & I watch American Pickers! Love it! Good luck & have fun finding your perfect place I know you will decorate it fabulous! Xo


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