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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

If you watch Emily Henderson on HGTV she has amazing ideas for your home. Her holiday special aired the Saturday after Thanksgiving [9pm "Secrets from a Stylist"] and I was obsessed with one of her projects.

I am a map lover. If you've been to my apartment you clearly know this. I have a giant world map (6ft x 3ft) spread across my wall outside of the kitchen (thrift store find, by the way.) 

During her holiday special Emily took a giant world map and stenciled Christmas song lyrics onto the front that have to do with earth, or the world:

During the stenciling:

Another phrase you could try would be something like "PEACE ON EARTH." If you like this project but don't have a giant map to spare, graphic designer/blogger Angela Hardison took this project down a knotch. Angela designed this in a smaller version that you can print & frame for your walls! 
They look like this:
P.S. In a really great frame, these could make awesome gifts for Christmas.
Click here for free printable "Joy to the World"
Click here for free printable  "Peace on Earth"

Other Morning Musings:
-Loving the prints on these notebooks
-Herringbone vs Chevon [There's a difference!]
-Not your average lunch sack
-Holiday hostess outfit by B. Jones Style [video]
-StoryCorps 246: Come one Come all [Scott Macaulay talks about his 25-year-old tradition of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for people with nowhere to go for the Holidays.]
-Walk the walk; Shoes for a cause

I am 1 presentation, 1 exam, & 1 paper away from being DONE with college!
Back to work.

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  1. Love it Kelly!! It came out great! Love your Diy's ideas. & congrats on school!! Xo

  2. yay! almost done, such a GREAT feeling! Emily Henderson is working w/ LE home as our spokesperson during the holidays, this DIY is so creative!


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