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Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's mid-December & it's holiday party time! I have my first holiday party tonight and it's at a fancy hotel on the water. I've been debating what to wear for a while now and finally decided on wide legged pants! Don't get me wrong, I love me some skinny jeans but wide legged pants look so versatile and classy. I've been noticing a reoccurring theme on my style boards lately, & figured it's time to wear 'em. Here's some photos of wide legged pants that I've bookmarked over the past few months:
love? love.
one | two | three | four
[1.] Elizabeth & James [2.] Rachel Zoe [3.] Theory
[4.] Yellow [5.] Blue Chiffon [6.] Black

For my hair I will be attempting The Top Knot. Key word being attempting. We'll see how it goes... 
Click on the photo or here, for the step by step tutorial from Running On Happiness

What will you be wearing to holiday parties?
Any festive hair ideas?

Other Morning Musings:
-What you should give the party hostess
-Dazzling advice via Kate Spade
-Sidewalk Skimmers
-This Connecticut house is amazing
-DIY recycled road map cork board

Merry Weekend!

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