Friday, December 02, 2011

Don't know what to get your significant other this year? How about some new clothes? Signing him up to an awesome beer of the month club? Maybe let him start building that man cave he's been dying for?
Unless your boyfriend/husband/significant other loves to shop, I'll bet his wardrobe could use some sprucing. How to know if he'll wear what you buy? This is how fashion blogger B. Jones Style answers that question as she tells us how she dresses her man! They're adorable. This. Is. Halarious.

She has tons of videos and tutorials, I especially love her hair-do tutorials. [Side Bun Swoop is my favorite] Check out her entire YouTube channel here.

Looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your man? How about a beer club? New beer shipped right to your door all the time? He'll love you forever. These all have great reviews:

[1.]Micro Beer Club [2.]Craft Beer Club [3.]Beer of the Month Club

How's this for a man cave? The first photo's floor is covered with oversized pillows made from vintage military canvas [love].

Other Morning Musings:
-This vintage styled california wedding is precious [her beadwork on her dress!!]
-Speaking of weddings...[when it's time] I'm ordering one of these french wedding dresses
- I love this cozy look of the week
-Got a little guy to shop for this Christmas? This is a precious gift.
-Madewell's new interactive holiday adventure blew my mind.

TGIF! Got any great "gift ideas for him?" Send em my way!

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