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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yesterday I talked about Good Will Towards Menbut today I'm talking about
Goodwill...the thrift store.
I'm still completely on cloud nine about this thrift store score. L.L.Bean duck boots in a women's size 7! Is this real life? Oh...and one more thing...they are brand new. I talked about how badly I wanted a pair in a previous post and it was obviously destined for shoe to meet foot.
Who gets rid of timeless apparel like this? 
Happy closet, happy girl.
The thrift stores were jam packed yesterday...which got me wondering about what other amazing finds out there have people gotten their hands on. I did a little research & this is what I found:
Oh the thrill of the hunt for some fabulous finds.
1. Actress Jamie King talks about her LOVE for Goodwill in Los Angeles
2. Mr. Kate gets her braided belts all from Goodwill
3. From-Me-To-You's thrifted navy-lace-peep toed pumps & valentines day outfit
4. Maggie, THE J.Crew assistant accessories designer for handbags, hats and gloves, wears a vest from Goodwill all the time.

Have you found something while thrifting that you're proud of slash couldn't wait to tell someone?

Video Time | Dubstep on the Great Wall of China: 
Dancer NONSTOP (aka Marquese Scott) is popping, waving, isolating, dreaming and dubsteppin’ to Russian Lullaby by Butch Clancy. I watched it 3 times in a row. Enjoy.

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  1. must you tease me with your thrifting finds! i am packing a half full suitcase so I have room to bring back goodies :)

  2. I love Goodwill & dubstep, this post is perfect! Great blog, I love the name (:

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