Going Gray

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gray is or has been the new white of home decorating. TAKE NOTE! It seems like a cold, empty color at first but pairing gray with a warm or bright color can work wonders. Think of gray as soft super neutral just waiting for you to spice it up. I mean just check out these African Gray Parrots?
Seeeeeee? Sometimes all we have to do it look around at nature to get some of our best decor color schemes & palettes.
I love the gray walls in this room from the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Lonny Mag. The color is called "Dove Gray" and really makes all the other colors in the room pop out! [Especially gold!]. 
Gray+Gold = Amazing!
Would you use gray in your home in place of white?
If so I would highly suggest these two shades from Benjamin Moore.
You can buy them online at West Elm and see what they look like applied in various rooms. Nifty.

So happy to be featured on one of my favorite blogs, Better After!
Check. out. my. famous. elephants! [Click here to see the feature]

Happy Wednesday! Half way to the weekend & my graduation festivities!

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  1. i always say "gray is the new black", would make such a cool wall color. congrats on your mention!! <3

  2. Figure it was about time I let you know I have a blog, too! You have done such a great job with yours... I speak for the rest of KD when I say everyone loves reading your posts :)


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