The Aftermath

Monday, December 19, 2011

Graduation weekend was a blast in a glass. Literally. All I can think about is how blessed & fortunate I am to have such great family & friends...
I'm even smiling as I type.
I got tears in my eyes at the graduation ceremony because it was hard to leave behind a town I've spent the last 4.5 years of my life living in. BUT those tears were quickly dried by the thought of never having to take another exam or study for finals or stay up all night doing homework :)
The next day my parents had a graduation party for me at a restaurant on the Gulf of Mexico, it was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend. 61 of my closest friends & family helped me celebrate my achievements and we. had. a. blast! I'm still recovering...
I'm so excited to start the next season of my life and I am so excited for what's in my future.
I can't wait to tell you about one of my FAVORITE graduation gifts! I got this book 
from my dear friend Brooke B. It's called Decorate and contains 1,000 professional design 
ideas for every room in your home. 
UM. hello. I love.
Every couple of pages has fantastic quotes from the big wig interior designers like this one from Nate Berkus [my idol]. My favorite section in the book so far is titled "Creative Spaces" and it's about designing your own private area in the house for you to let the creative juices flow and just be. I NEED THAT. It would be my area to blog, work on my DIY's, read, etc...a place to be inspired. I would display slash decorate it with things that just scream KELLY'S SPOT!

It's good to be back :)
What have I missed?

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  1. i love love love all of your graduation pictures. you look so happy & i love your outfit w/ the leopard and leather skirt! we will seriously have to do some celebrating soon!! <3 xoxoxo

  2. CONGRATS Kelly!!!!!! Graduating is such a big acomplishment!! Love the pics you look fabulous, love the hair!! & congrats and best wishes on yoyr next chapter in life xo


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