The Weekender

Sunday, November 06, 2011

All of these weekend trips have made me realize I'm in need of a new "weekender" bag. Using a huge suitcase or a bunch of small bags to stuff my things in just isn't cutting it. Shoes seem to always be the problem when packing for the weekend, so hopefully I'll find something that works.
Lauren Conrad & Mary Kate have cute weekenders. Mary Kate's is pony hair and pony hide though...kinda sad..poor pony.
I'm liking these too, though...
weekender bag

Today were going out on the boat [YESSS]. Even though its pretty chilly today it's still fun to bundle up, bring blankets and just relax out on the water. Well, I'll be relaxing, but the boys won't considering grouper season is only open until November 15th. 

I came across this video that amazed me. I can only dream that I could witness this out on the boat [lucky girls] AND happen to capture it on film. I couldn't believe the birds were flying like that, it's almost like they're dancing...[def a must see]
Other Morning Musings:
-Screen Test with Natalie Portman
-Will Ferrell gives us a little life advice
-An amazing before & after room transformation

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love the Balenciaga weekender!


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