Thankful Spirits

Saturday, November 19, 2011

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches most of us are preparing for loads of company to arrive. Having a Thanksgiving cocktail prepared can certainly ease the stresses of the host/hostess and the guests. Here are some drink recipes to ensure you get through the day. 
[ will only make the food taste better]
These cocktails incorporate all the flavors of the season. Cinnamon, nutmeg, apple, cranberrypomegranate, pumpkin, etc.. 
Shake things up a bit this year!
1. Apple Bomb...[recipe here]
2. Smashing Pumpkin...[recipe here]
3. Sparkling Pomegranate Punch...[recipe here]
4. Mulled White Wine Sangria...[recipe here]
5. Spiced Apple Martini...[recipe here]
6. Hot Apple Pie Cider...[recipe here]

If you're more of a wine fan, the ideal Thanksgiving wine can pair comfortably with a wide range of flavors. Here are 10 terrific choices via Food & Wine

For all of you chefs out there who do all the holiday cooking...or those who assist the cook, The Kitchen Soundtrack made up by [one of my favorite blogs] Wit&Delight, is way fun.
Take a Listen slash dance around in the kitchen. 

Have a great Saturday!
5 days till Thanksgiving
28 days until I'm a UF Alumni
36 days until Christmas


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  1. LOVE this. I think while kyle's mom cooks I should make some thanksgiving cocktails ;)



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