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Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm a total scatterbrain this Monday morning...
when your body wakes you up at 7am for no reason that tends to happen.
I stumbled on this handbag collection and fell in love; YADOUGA. Founded in 2010 with a spring collection for 2012 in the works now. Started by designer Kirsten Yadouga who went to design school at the age of 16, landed her first job with Versace, and then moved on to Madewell and Reed Krakoff. I mean...I trust her, don't you?
Here are my favorites:
[1.]Lois Convertible Clutch (sandy python) [2.]Jocelyn Shoulder Bag [3.]Lois Convertible Clutch (beetle) [4.]Lexie Mini Camera Bag [5.]Margot Tote

Scatterbraining onto a new topic.
I've been on a bit of a movie spree. When I get sidetracked from studying I tend to venture off into online movie land. I finally saw "Like Crazy" and absolutely adored it. I'd buy it for sure. Also saw "Water For Elephants" and then re-watched it with my mom..another one to buy.
This movie is next on my MUST SEE list:
For those of us just trying to keep our heads above water...

Other Morning Musings:
-72 years together: the couple who died holding hands
-A Beautiful DIY Rustic Chic Wedding [10k budget!]
-Things We Forget #774
-Sixty Tiny Love Stories
-Story Corps; In this podcast Sarah Littman interviews her son, Joshua, who has Aspergers syndrome about his first semester at college.
-Lamp Love...eye candy colors

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. she seems like a total inspiration. i love the "lois" convertible clutch! also dying to see the descendants-- the hawaii backdrop does it for me :) can we see it over christmas break maybe?! :)


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