Modern Love?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What do you think about when you are asked to think up a really great love story?
Something like this?
Good. Me too.
But are they your mothers stories? Your grandmother's stories? 

I came across this article in the NYTimes that really REALLY got me thinking
In our modern day and time does romance have a new format? 
Are we currently writing the love stories for our children's children? 
If so...i'm a bit worried. Will we tell our kids stories of how 
"then he texted me that he loves me, then he re-tweeted my tweet, and it was the sweetest thing ever," 
or will we stick to the love stories we grew up with of classic chivalry, couth
and heartfelt gestures that take more then a nanosecond to perform. 
Here are some of the excerpts from the article that really got my wheels turning:

" The men my mother and grandmother met at political campaigns 
and jazz concerts seemed more charismatic than any of the 
generic “screen names” that kept popping up on my computer."

"Although the romantic rituals of my generation 
(late-night texting, loaded e-mails, Facebook stalking) 
may expedite courtship, 
they make for exceedingly dull love stories."

"Will our tales of digital courtship capture the imaginations of our daughters? 
Will they be impressed when we tell them about that time 
the text message was misinterpreted, or how the cute boy re-tweeted 
our Vampire Weekend reference? Will they care?"

"They say that each generation thinks it invented love. 
But from what I can see, 
my generation seems to fear we’ve forgotten it."

Worried yet?

Hooookay enough preaching. Back to basics. The happy fun stuff.

-Hey You! What Song are you Listening to?

Have a fantastic Friday!!
Happy Birthday Sara O!

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