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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've been in serious senior mode these past few weeks. Job offerings, final papers, exams, resume perfecting, packing, etc. Deciding where you want to work after graduation is a huge deal [to me it is anyway]. St. Petersburg? Atlanta? International travel?! Somewhere I haven't even considered yet?? All of these places have presented themselves to me this semester and all of them are fantastic jobs. 
I'm excited but scared for the changes in my near future.
It's important to me to not make this decision lightly, life is far too short to be working a job your miserable with. I'm open to all careers in the very broad area of the communications field. Having a broad degree like communications sometimes makes narrowing the job pool down difficult.
images via stamp48
While dreaming about THE JOB is stressing me out something that helps relieve the stress is my planner. I write ev-er-y-thing down in my planner, & in my iCal, & extra reminders on Stickies on my Mac.
After graduation [one month countdown] I'm going to buy a new planner for the new year. My friend Michelle showed me these Life Planners by Erin Condren. Check 'em out:

On the go, on the go, out of town again this weekend!
Other Morning Musings:
-The best desk before and after i've seen in a while! Well done!
-Chevron fingernails tutorial! [Looks kinda hard to do but love the end result]
-75 Reminders for Tough Times [All 75 are so good, I couldn't pick a favorite]
-Emma Watson's transformation away from her Harry Potter role
-THIS girl is why us blonde's have such a bad rep [i'll admit I laughed though]
-Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan? [mixed feelings]
-I was beginning to wonder what happened to these two [Dakota & Elle Fanning]

Do you use a planner? Know an awesome brand I should consider? SHARE!
I've heard the Kate Spade planners are good because you can always buy insert refills?

Happy Thursday [almost weekend]

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