Mad Lips

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm no beauty queen. I don't wear much makeup unless I have something to dress up for or I'm going out on the town. When I do wear makeup it's just the basics, nothing it really caught me off guard when I bought some new lipstick. WHAT? me? Maybe it's the cooler weather but a nice shade of red sounded fun and frisky. I put it on before we left for the UF basketball game.

As living proof that I never wear lipstick, my own dog didn't even recognize me and when he saw me I had to get him to stop barking slash growling at me. "Um hello Mason, it's me!"
So I got to thinking...there are literally millions of shades of lipstick. You should have seen me at the M.A.C. counter. I was like "Can I have...Uhhh RED, just...plain red?" I knew I wanted a matte so eliminating all the glitter slash shimmer ones narrowed it down a bit. [I ended up buying this one]

Luckily, I have really AWESOME friends who let me use photos of them as examples of perfect lipstick users! I adore these girls!
Special *Thank-You* to all my beautiful friends!
I was browsing around online and theres so many tutorials and articles about "how to choose the right shade of lipstick for you" Whatever. I think you should just buy whatever color lipstick your in the mood for! Just like nail polish. Have FUN with it. No rules.

Here are my favorite photos I found of each shade:
images via pinterest
What color do you prefer?

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