J.Crazy over J.Crew

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I'm having a J.Crew love fest over here. I think I love every.single.thing. SO this post goes out to the J.Crew new arrivals in hopes to get it out of my system. Ever since following J.Crews 770/Behind The Line Blog i'd say it's hindered my study time...just a little.
Let's look slash drool over my favorites from Fall 2011
and the upcoming Spring 2012
and my future children have to dress like this:
Speaking of J.Crew...Jenna Lyons is selling her beautiful Brooklyn Park Slope Townhouse. Her townhome has been featured in tons of home decor and interior design mags for years. Her decorating expertise is perfection so i'm sure she will make her next place just as chic. [Here's her home decor tips from Elle]
It's up for $3.75 mil, any takers? Take a look inside here.

Other Morning Musings:
-From Me To You's Blog posted about "at home with Kate & Andy Spade" via Matchbook Magazine [Kate Spade has a maltese, too. So I automatically love her].
- The house is on fire! What do you take with you? Madewell answers.
-How to style a fish tail braid
-A dog's seeing eye dog [this makes my heart melt].

OH. & I've been dying to see this movie. I've been craving a good romance movie...I hope "Like Crazy" lives up to the hype.
Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. i'm obsessed with crewcuts! they have the cutest kids clothes EVER, too stinkin cute. also love jenna lyon's whole design aesthetic, the perfect mix of sparkly and utilitarian :)

  2. Obsessed! Love all your blogs Kell!


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