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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I mentioned my new favorite blog "Mr. Kate" in my musings the other day so I'm really excited to share this video of her thrifting for tablescape items! So clever, so fun. I'm kind of sort of obsessed with her.

She's wonderful, right?

Doesn't it make all the difference when you come home for your holiday visit and the house has decorations up and the table is set nicely?
My mom and I always have fun trying to pick a new tablescape idea for Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner. Last year we did greens and blues. Being a good hostess makes all the difference and the environment setting does, too.
Want to learn how to become a Society Social hostess, dress to mingle, live sparkly, or host a boozy beguilement?
I've been reading The Manifesto Magalog from Society Social lately for the best ideas in entertainment style. [Read up, Drink up!]

The girls at Society Social believe:
"it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"

 Here are some photos from the magazine:
If you like Society Social's entertainment style from the magalog you can purchase the items from their own shop here! [including the Society Social Hostess Gown]  [chairs, bar carts, tables, upholstery, pillows]
I however particularly fell in love with the six different bar cart options! I like the idea [like in the photo above] of having the bar cart double as a sofa table! Fun, funky, functional.
society social's bar carts

[1.]The Double [2.]The Hostess [3.]The Stanton [4.]The Madison Mixer [5.]The Draper [6.]The Tipple Trolley

Here are some entertainment tips that were included in the magalog from The Glitter Guide:


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  1. i looove the bar carts! like you said, perfect for impromptu party hosting! i think i definitely need to start keeping some champagne on hand for just such events ;)


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