Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good afternoon from Georgia! Every Thanksgiving my family and I head up to our house in the Georgia mountains to escape The Sunshine State for some real fall weather and family time. This is my favorite time of year to be here because of all the leaves on the ground and beautiful mountain views.
Here's a picture off our back porch...
Not a shabby way to greet the day with a big cup of pumpkin spice coffee...
My dad has been getting some firewood together for tonight because the temp is going to drop to 37 degrees which is painfully cold for me [I'm such a cold weather wimp].
My Mom and I gave Mason a bath so he's clean for all the Thanksgiving company tomorrow. He was NOT a happy camper.
Does your family keep the wishbone from the turkey?? We ALWAYS do. We let it sit on the counter to dry over night then the next morning usually the first two to get to it make a wish and pull.
be thankful
1. Jennifer Meyer Jewelry chain bracelet  2. Jennifer Meyer Jewelry yellow gold stud earrings 3. Jennifer meyer jewelry 4. Dogeared jewelry
Well, I'm going to leave you for the next couple days with a video clip of Johnny Cash [my hero] singing a Thanksgiving Prayer to help June Carter fall asleep [so romantic]. 
What better way to prepare for Black Friday than with "the man in black" himself?

I also have some morning musings to share!
I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.
I have so so much to be grateful for.

Morning Musings:
-Must make this DIY wall art <---Just for you Liz G.
-The Thanksgiving Stuffing Theory
-the Roaring ’20s era of the flapper dresses now making a swinging comeback at Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.
-20 Thankful Quotes for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving & Safe Travels!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving doll, enjoy your family time. Love the necklaces! and how cute your doggy!! xo

  2. Kelly I make that same stuffing except no mushrooms - apples instead

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you're having a good day; the photographs look lovely and ha, your poor dog! Hilarious.

    That last message is really touching, thanks for the reminder. x

  4. your photos are beautiful!!! and the post was amazing!!!



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