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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

There is something amazing about Etsy. It's the worldwide marketplace for all things handmade. The best part is, anyone can have a shop. It truly is a virtual version of the 'American Dream.' I plan on doing a lot of my holiday shopping on Etsy. There's something special about knowing that gift was made personally for your order. There are so many amazing shops it's hard to pick favorites because I always come across something wonderful just by clicking "next." Here are some great shops I may be ordering from soon! All reasonably priced, too!

Shop 1. Collage-O-Rama 
My friend Amelia [here is her blog] recently spent time in England where she hosted a reality show called "Sorority Girls". They stayed in a huge mansion during the filming and she showed me these cool prints that were 
framed all around the house. Guess what? They're from Etsy!
Shop 2. Le Voyage Creatif
Everything in her shop is handmade in her little studio on an island in a Norwegian fjord. Isn't everything so pretty?
Shop 3. LalaDesignStudio
All jewelry is made from sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire that has been bent, hammered, & shaped into the words, initials, or designs. 
You can custom order any letters into your piece of jewelry.

Shop 4. PopO'Color 
This shop believe pillows are the jewelry of the room and has pillows in every "Pop O'Color" you can think of. Super fun and affordable prints to decorate with too. 
Shop 5. Seasonal Bounty
These are some of the prettiest handmade wreaths! She uses all plants that grows naturally near her home. Wreaths come preserved, dried, and ready to hang! Perfect for the holidays.

What are your favorite Etsy shops? I'd love to know!

Other Morning Musings:
-Remember that musing I mentioned yesterday about the most elegant outdoor wedding? Well, here's a video that captured it's perfection for 2 minutes and 7 seconds. Oh & the song? The groom wrote it. No big deal. *Swoon*

-Things We Forget #769
-Could you live in a hotel for 10 years?!
-Save your grocery produce netting for holiday packaging
-Turn an old spool into a new stool
-Heres the playlist I made that I've been studying to. Enjoy.

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  1. Oh, those prints are GORGEOUS. Seriously, I love them; right up my street! Surprisingly I've never bought anything on Etsy, but consider me seriously tempted... x


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