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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ok so I received a couple emails from my new blogger friends about thrifting and how to find clothes and not just accessories or knick knacks. You just have to think about a piece of clothing in your head before you go looking. Sometimes you really need to try it on, too. Things might look really weird on the hanger but really cute on. Remember you are going to wash everything before you wear it. I've bought entire outfits at the thrift store before like this one [scarf, shirt, shorts]:
Ballard Designs and other places like Pottery Barn sell these really cute Sunburst Mirrors for like $400. I wanted one so bad and I thought I could totally make this I did...for a grand total of $30. 
[I win]
Ballard Design's Sunburst Mirror for $346
My Homemade Sunburst Mirror for $30
DIY projects and thrifting can save you some serious moolah and it's a good accomplished feeling to know you made it yourself. I've re-done my bar stools with fabric from the thrift store and turned two old shutters into magazine holders. Like so:

Other's amazing DIY projects i'm dying to try:
1. A Pair & a Spare's DIY Gold Twig Bangles
2. A Pair & a Spare's DIY Burberry Tribal Heels
3. La Petite Fashionista's DIY Bar Cart
4. Centsational Girl's DIY Jewelry Tree
5. BiblioMOMia's DIY Duct Tape Eames Shell Chair
and a million more ideas at The DIY Show Off

Other Morning Musings:
-Madewell's new and amazing "Storyteller Scarves" [my favorite is the mapmaker]
-I die for these American Flag Print Hot Pants
-A really really cute Hair-Do How-To
& The Christmas playlists keep coming...


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  1. Love it doll!! The mirror is fabulous i need to try this!! Can't wait to check more of your diy & yay for Christmas music keep it coming! Xo

  2. I looove all your diy projects! You're so crafty kel! Hope you're serious about us starting our own picker sisters company, can you imagine?! :) I've been loving all your blog posts! :)


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